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I leave. Get over it. Come back. You’re over it.
I leave. Get over it. Come back. You’re over it.

On this week’s episode, we talk about everyone’s not so Fav’ fave.
Ye. All right Y’all let me start by saying that Kanye West is one of my favorite artists. Now let’s get to the bullshit now. This nigga lost his mind and I had a private conversation with a couple of friends of mine. Their actually a couple and one of them said that in the midst of all of Black Lives Matters. All they do is riot and disrupt establishments and jump on desk and tables and whatever. And I’m like, at first that just threw me back like nigga you really really believe this shit like you really believe the shit that white people have been saying about Black Lives Matter and you’re willing to repeat it with conviction in public.

Well, we’re in private but still like outside of your own thoughts you were willing to actually put this into the world into the atmosphere and that, that blew my mind. I couldn’t. I still can’t understand it but you know, I guess so?

I don’t really need to go over it word for word on this but I think if you’ve been paying attention for the last several years that most people know what racist people have been saying about black lives matter since its inception and where a black person in my life repeated that just saddened me to the core. I’ve never been so disappointed, in that type of way. So that was a new experience for me and that is one of the things that really prompted me to record the pilot episode because I was just like my circle is so small like real, real, small and the fact that there’s somebody like that in my circle. Not that, you know, it’s wrong having your own opinions and conclusions on things. but for that to be so off the mark. I mean I think just in general as a person of color when you don’t understand the struggle. Like we’re like looking at you like what was in your Koolaid when did you get brainwashed like.
I just, it’s like a person of color saying that slavery didn’t exist. Like B.O.B did that dumb ass nigga. You know what I’m saying? The shit is just, how sway? how?

And as you can tell I’m still quite kerfuffle by that. But either way.

In the midst of this conversation, I basically explained the position that most of us have, you know? Which includes John Legend, Janelle Monae and Chance The Rapper since he’s clarified what he meant to say. That was my point. Chance The rapper is a prime example of the point that I’m going to try to make with Kanye which is there are a time and place for everything. Right? We all can agree on that.

That wasn’t the place for Kanye to say that.
That shit that Kanye said is some shit you say in the house and like makes the whole room quiet and then look at him and be like Nigga! What did you just say? And then you have to further clarify. Kanye did that shit with no further clarification and then Chance the Rapper got on the bandwagon because he thought he knew what Kanye West was saying. and the rest of us is like Nah nigga, don’t even get close to that and he did anyway. And then what ended up happening was that Donald Trump got on there and was like thank you. Chance The Rapper and Kanye you understand that I care about black people and I have lowered the unemployment rate to lowest it’s ever been you know fuck that.

Then, Chance The Rapper had to clarify. Like, oh wait now fam’. I ain’t on all of that now. I was just saying that black people can be Republicans you know and that was the point. So the fact that Chance got on to what Kanye was saying without knowing what Kanye’s intent was. right? because he left that open-ended for a reason. And that’s the thing about open-ended statements that allow those, the bad minded, people. you know those people who are willing to twist, turn and manipulate. Put the blinders and smokescreen or whatever to do, or to convince you that they are trying to help you. While they’re robbing you blind.

And that’s exactly what happened. They ran with it. And they’re making it into a yeah I’m right. Kind of thing. And the saddest part of all of this is that it’s unnecessary. Kanye West doesn’t need this type of publicity or promotion. None of that. He is married to a Kardashian if all the Kardashian post; Go preorder Kanye, go buy Kanye. Go listen to Kanye. Whatever, that shit is gonna sell. So, what he’s doing now is to what? somebody tell me? I’m waiting to hear the good reason.
So far I ain’t buying none of this shit. The little snippets of the tracks we heard that came out I didn’t even listen to that one full song that he put up on Tidal. And by the way, all the shit that he talking about Jay and all this other stuff his shit is only on Tidal. It wasn’t on Spotify I got a check apple music. probably made it to Apple Music but it’s not on Spotify. So whether or not he talking shit is still about money right because he is. If Kanye was really like awesome he would have found a way to get off a title.

If you know all the shit he’s putting out or saying is really what it is. But that’s just my opinion. Either way. Like I said I’m still waiting to hear that good ass reason he got for allowing racist people to sound takes his sound bites to take his words or manipulate them like he literally allowed that. That was it. He knew this was going to happen and this is what he wanted. Why. I’m still waiting to hear the good reason as to why and so far I don’t think he’s going to do that. I just don’t think that. right now. Based on what he’s just said right just based on what he said alone. I don’t see Kanye giving us enough to be like. Aiight Nigga. Just don’t do that shit again but we can give you that pass. I don’t see it. That nigga done fucked it up. He done fucked up his most dedicated fanbase and I just don’t know.

I wonder if he believes that all the black people that listen to his music that he doesn’t know. like the people that are in his circle that he knows and he’s convinced of that are intelligent. that he knows that we’re intelligent too. Like did he think he was just going pull the okey-doke on us because he thinks we’re just so blind?
I don’t understand. And one of the problems that we are having is trying to understand shit like that. I know that’s a problem for me.

So to my intelligent people out there. What do y’all think about this? I personally think that in this climate that we don’t have the room or the luxury to manipulate our own people. There are enough people already manipulating us and for a person of color to join the bandwagon and attempt to manipulate us for them. for what? right now is currently unjustifiable reason. It’s crazy.

With that said I believe there are multiple ways for the black community to continue to advance and each individual should push for their idea. But there’s a way to do things and some good examples of ways not to do things. Take NRA money and then say that you’re doing it to help the black community. See, that’s a clear-cut example of a way not to do things and I think Kanye’s way is also an example of how not to do things in the climate of 45.

It’s important. For us to come to an agreement that certain ways of doing things just ain’t gonna cut it it’s going to feed into the negativity more than the positivity and they don’t need any help with the negativity. Right?

They’ve already painted this negative picture of every Brown or black person, and person of color in the media. and for someone who knows that the media will take whatever they say and go and make it viral. It just shows a lack of consideration for the people who are actually struggling. Right? Let us not pretend like money doesn’t afford you a certain level of comfort especially when it comes to your race. Money makes your race a little bit more tolerable. You know it’s palatable you know. To certain people.

And I think people with money that are disconnected from the rest of us should not attempt to try to be the voice for the rest of us. We have enough voices of our own.
If you want to do something promote those positive voices that we do have and let’s keep going that way.
I don’t think that you know what another good example was when the cameras caught oh boy, oh boy, saying that he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off.
Was that Jesse Jackson right. I think it was Jesse.
You know that type of shit we don’t need that and it shouldn’t take a speech to inform you that we don’t need that.

Have you been paying attention? I feel like if you’ve been paying attention and you honestly are that kind of person. The person that cares. The person that wants to see improvement. The person that lives in such a way that you only want to have a positive impact.

That certain things just ain’t possible for you to do, to not understand and not see when it comes to Politics and Race.

So that’s it for this adventure. If you were entertained please let me know. You can find me on all social media at K A T M A S S I V E. And that will be in the show notes don’t forget to review and rate the podcast let me know what you like, didn’t like and if I should just go away.

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