Our Mission

To help you play your cards right so you win the game of your life.

Our Story

Have you ever felt like you are not a fad? Like you simply do not fit in with the social norms? If you answered yes to any of those questions, congratulations. I applaud you on seeking a higher purpose even if just subconsciously at the moment. Modern Aces was established to gather and expand the minds of young professionals. To provide guidance of milestones accomplish and to be a sound board for those of us who do not have the type of support needed around them. Here we encourage stepping away from the labels just trying to be the best you, you can be. Modern Aces will encourage you to do things right to get the life and benefits of doing so. This site is for all of us who have had to stumble through life and will like to pay it forward with the wisdom of those hard learned lessons. As we continue to grow we will also continue to support and cultivate growth in various parts of our lives. Modern Aces will strive to produce social conscious content whilst covering finance, life, love, family, work, education, and health. The site is for people of all walks of life that are trying to make the best out of what is our current society.

Meet the Team

Germaine Mills


Germaine is a mid-twenties college graduate and native of the United States Virgin Islands. She found a love for technology at a very young age and is still in love with technology to this day. Germaine conceptualized the idea for Modern Aces early 2015. Germaine started Modern Aces tying to rid young people of the opportunity to fall victim to popularity gimmicks and trends. To instead have you focus on where your life is and where is should be going. Making sure that your own personal life is better kept than your timelines.

“Together we can learn to congratulate ourselves on positive efforts, accomplishments and lessons learned. Together we will refocus on things that allow you to succeed outside the realm of social media.”

Lets Play A Hand Together!